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Treating Inflamed Skin

Inflammation – the red, puffy patches of skin can be itchy, painful, and just plain uncomfortable. Most cases are caused by dry skin, and without proper hydration, accelerated aging may become a threat. The type of skin you have and the kind of inflammation you’re encountering will determine the best treatment. Keep in mind, redness of the skin alone isn’t any reason to worry, however if you also experience a fever or other signs of sickness, you should contact your physician immediately.

5 Foods That Help Protect Your Skin From The Sun

If you saw our blog entry from a few weeks back about anti-aging foods, then you already know how much your diet can affect the quality of your skin. So much so, that there are even ingredients which are proven to help protect the skin from sun damage specifically. With the sun being the biggest threat to our aging skin, we have to protect ourselves as many ways as we can.

Is Stress Aging You By Decade?

Scientists say stress can make your face age by a DECADE. Stress sits alongside sun damage as one of the top culprits of aging skin. Here are 5 tips to reduce stress and maintain youthful skin!

6 Bad Bedtime Habits

Did you know that most of us get less than the recommended 8 hours of sleep each night? It is not a surprise since we know firsthand what it's like to have a million thoughts buzzing around in your head before you fall asleep each night. What else keeps people up? Here, we list the 6 habits that might be depriving you of the beauty sleep you need.

4 Foods That Fight Breast Cancer

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is an annual campaign to raise awareness of the disease among public. Some women may be at risk for breast cancer due to circumstances beyond their control- such as genetics, or family history. Others may be at risk because of their lifestyle choices, like smoking or lack of exercise. Recent studies have found that some dietary habits may lead to a higher risk of breast cancer. The good news is that some foods can potentially help you fight breast cancer. Below are 4 foods that you should start eating right now.

5 Ways Your Cellphone is Harming Your Skin

We've all heard the rumors that cellphones have been linked to various health issues, such as cancer. Now we find out that it can even give you wrinkles! Let's face it - your cellphone is your lifeline to your friends, family, and even work! So how can you get out of harm's way? Avoid the following habits and you'll be wrinkle proofing your skin.

6 Reasons Why You Need To Go On Vacation

We figured you might need a little nudge to ask for the time off, get your things together, and finally go on the vacation you have been wanting to go on. We've got science to back us up! Read on to find out what taking a vacation can do for your health!

7 Habits For Perfect Skin

We all know it's possible to have perfect-looking skin. Every day we encounter people who's skin is, dare we say it, flawless; whether it's the woman on the elliptical at the gym, or that stranger who always gets their morning coffee fix at the same shop as you. You too can have perfect-looking skin! But it's not going to happen on its own. Here are skin care habits of these enviable women!

Skincare After 40

When you get into your 40's, your body starts going through many changes. These changes affect your skin - and not always in a good way! Your hormone changes cause acne, wrinkles, and many other pesky conditions! We've listed the most common ailments in your 40's and beyond along with how you can address them.

6 Tips For A Better Life

Sometimes it's hard to stop and smell the roses when there's so much going on in your life. Men and women are busier than they've ever been - and it does not stop when you get home - due to technology like email and smart phones. Science shows that happier people live longer and have lower chances of suffering from terminal diseases. Take a few minutes every day and utilize some of the feel-great tips we've listed for you.

Love Your Skin...Love Yourself!

Did you know our body's largest organ is the skin? It's also where the first signs of aging appear. Yet, for many people, both men and women, it's the one organ paid least attention to, and the one that deserves so much more. The first thing we see when we meet someone is their skin. It covers our entire body and reveals so much about ourselves; not just our physicality, but how we feel about ourselves. Our skin is the window into our self-worth and self-esteem.

The Key to Aging Well

When it comes to aging well, it is a battle of your lifestyle versus your body. We now know that genetics only influence the aging process by 30%, so we can no longer use the excuse "I have bad genetics." To keep our bodies healthy and aging gracefully, it is up to us to take the wheel of our lifestyle and steer it down the road of anti-aging and good health. If you practice proper habits your body will look younger and healthier for a whole lot longer! There are many lifestyle choices we make daily that influence our bodies and promote aging well. The major lifestyle influences are diet, protection and hygiene.